Common Kingfisher II


“Common Kingfisher II”

40cm x 30cm

Airbrush on Ampersand Claybord




This beautiful Common Kingfisher just caught a fish!

After painting “Common Kingfisher I” I felt more comfortable to paint even more water droplets! This resulted in this second painting of a Common Kingfisher. This might be one of my favorite paintings so far. This is probably because I love nature and my favorite color is green. If this resonates with you, consider adopting this painting into your home!


Fun fact: Unlike other birds, Kingfishers don’t build nests of sticks or plants. Instead, they nest in burrows that they dig into dirt banks, tree cavities, or old termite mounds. A male and female pair works together to create the burrow, taking turns digging out the soil with their feet.

Bonus: you can watch me paint this here.



This is an original painting – one of a kind


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