I’m a visual artist based in the Netherlands. If you give me paint, pencils or charcoal, I will create something with it. With my paintings I want to capture the world that is around us and inspire you to look at the beauty of nature. Some might describe my work as photorealism, but I would describe it as realism. My aim is to make the paintings come to life more than a photograph could ever do! Unfortunately this is almost impossible to convey using photos of my artworks on the internet. Seeing them in real life will convince you for sure! I hope my story will inspire you to follow your passion, and never forget to look at the beauty that is all around us.


I want to insPIre you to Look at the beauty of nature


Long long time ago… when I was a little boy, I loved to draw all day! It started with drawing my favorite dinosaurs, after that I was into drawing all kinds of military scenes. In the same period my dad introduced me to watercolor painting and so I started to paint all kinds of still life paintings, for example I painted my favorite toys. I think this is the point in life where my interest in painting first sparked. I feel very grateful that this “joy of painting” still is within me!


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